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VMOS PRO 2.7.1 APK MOD [Premium ] Download free

VMOS PRO – Best Virtual Root for Android Smartphones

VMOS PRO will produce a broad Android functioning system with all the standard Android apps, structures, and capabilities. That is, after generating a virtual situation, you can use it as usual. The variance is that all your activities will not disturb the actual functioning system at all. The muse of VMOS comes from the Android. After a long term of discovering and rising a method to avoid the risks of root and the
compatibility matter of some apps. We finally got the idea and found out of it. That’s VMOS. Virtual Machine Operating System. As an android operating system which is based on the android, VMOS could run apps in the same way as the original one. It just could minimize risk and improve the compatibility of some apps. Therefore, VMOS is not only a system to avoid the risks of root, but also a better Android.

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VMOS has been developed for more than 4 months at present. We have done a lot of
analyzing on Android’s source code and found out some useful information to develop VMOS. All codes are from scratch by ourselves with different and unusual design. And we would like to share them with all developers around you as well as Android fans who really want to use and experience VMOS. We have chosen multiple languages to support as a lanuage pack and you could choose it in  VMOS Control  App. For now, currently supports  English, Russian and Chinese. We are constantly developing it to more languages for both of the basic language pack and the decompile language pack

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There is an one-click root method in VMOS System which could root your device with no need of a PC. And there is also a method which needs your PC to root your device if you want to avoid risk for rooting it. There is no difference for the basic functions between the two methods and you could experience them freely.( The one-click method is only available in  VMOS Pro  version.) In addition, we have added a theme center in VMOS system. You could change the system’s theme freely and also you could download more themes on our Theme Cloud website.(The themes in this center are developed by ourselves and all of them support  both   VMOS Pro and VMOS.)

Since we are a small team of developers so we don’t want to copy features from other Android operating systems. We would like to focus on our design and development. That’s why there is no feature like multi-window in VMOS

Main feature of Vmos pro

Main feature of Vmos pro is its intuitive 4-step screen layout for creating your post, which will make it easier for you to prepare the content of your video message. The optimized uploader lets you save time by uploading a video from the device directly to Vmos Pro and sharing it on social media. In future, videos are going to be an essential part of any marketing campaign, as they show that businesses are not dead set in their methods and still want to deliver new messages in innovative ways. Vmos pro offers an easy way to create these videos with a simple interface that is designed for any skill level.

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